ENGL 3368: Designing for the Web

Have an idea you’ve considered sharing online? It’s time to learn how.

This course focuses on learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design usable websites, responsive ebooks, and mobile apps. It will study content creation and design, human-computer interaction, and user experience (UX) research. Students will use low-fidelity prototypes, linked pages, and content management systems to design websites, ebooks, and/or apps. Students will also learn user-centered design principles and best practices for usability, inclusivity, and accessibility.

Teaching Web Design, during the pandemic.
Teaching Web Design

This course teaches students to:

  • analyze audiences when designing online content;
  • create usable navigation and excellent user experience;
  • learn the basics of design as they relate to web photos and graphics.
  • learn how markup languages (HTML/XML), style sheets (CSS), and client-side scripting (JavaScript) render web pages, ebooks, and mobile apps, enabling dynamic and interactive graphics, video, and other media.
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