ENGL 4368: Advanced Web Design / Digital Content Management

This hybrid course (both in-person and synchronous online) will teach strategies for developing and delivering multimodal content via digital media. Focusing on back-end web design, the course will cover principles of database design, interface development, usability testing, and collaborative content management within professional communication settings.

Geoff Sauer, smiling while teaching an introduction to SQL in ENGL 4368.

Upon completing the course, students will understand back-end web development and be able to:

  • apply rhetorical principles (audience analysis, invention, organization, style, design) to authoring with and authoring of content management systems
  • use usability and user experience design techniques for content development (including web multimedia which include database-driven content, streaming media, and interactivity)
  • plan and manage collaborative CMS projects; to master software genres commonly used for database-driven content development in education and industry
  • and describe content strategy methods in developing modular web content.

Students in this class have access to a campus-and-VPN-access-only webserver, and under my guidance design and build database-driven web projects, experiment with a wide range of CMSes, libraries and foundations for the development of responsive and accessible projects, and develop a large final website project for an actual client.

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